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  1. March 2021 Update: Safety and Responsibility

    At the beginning of March 2021, the first room was removed from the listing. In the surrounding events, new features have become desirable which have partially been implemented or put up for public discussion.

  2. First update on in 2020

    The 2020-01 update of brings description links, language statistics and an OpenSearch descriptor.

  3. On Centralisation of Code Hosting Infrastructure—An Argument

    Last year, we’ve seen GitHub getting bought by Microsoft. This event has caused the FLOSS community to run in circles panicingly, because Oh My God Microsoft. There was a certain exodus from GitHub to GitLab (who played the event masterfully, PR-wise). In that context, folks were (and still are) discussing the issue of centralisation of development infrastructure in the FLOSS communities. Here’s my argument.