Jonas Schäfer

Recent articles

  1. ROCKPro64 as Multimedia System and NAS: A long journey

    The ROCKPro64 by PINE64 is a single-board computer based on the RK3399 system-on-chip. It features a powerful ARM hexacore and lots of useful peripherials, including a PCIe x4 slot. This article describes my journey of converting it into a home multimedia system and network attached storage device, based on Debian.

  2. Designing an Infrared Forwarder/Sniffer/Injector Microcontroller Firmware

    After I decided that rolling my own piece of magic hardware was the only way forward, this post details how the firmware for my ATtiny2313a-based infrared sniffer/forwarder/injector was designed and implemented.

  3. Remotely controlling a Denon AVR-1910 from Linux

    I have a, by modern standards, ancient Denon AVR-1910 audio/video receiver. Now that it lives in a nice cabinet without line-of-sight, I want to make it more remote controllable. HDMI-CEC is not an option (see inline), so obviously the only way is to inject Infrared commands.

  4. March 2021 Update: Safety and Responsibility

    At the beginning of March 2021, the first room was removed from the listing. In the surrounding events, new features have become desirable which have partially been implemented or put up for public discussion.

  5. Making the Isolation bearable: Self-hosted Audio/Video Conferencing with Jitsi Meet and Mumble

    The global COVID-19 pandemic is a serious issue and governments as well as individuals are taking action to reduce the physical social interaction between humans in order to limit the spread of the disease. This has been taking a toll on shared A/V conferencing infrastructure and some may want to not rely on third-party offerings for privacy reasons. Nowadays, it is not too hard to set up your own A/V conference server—with Jitsi Meet. Aside from providing a few tips on the setup, this post also has detailed measurements of a multi-hour six participant Jitsi Meet session.